We are committed to manufacturing of precise PEEK monofilaments from 0.06mm to1.00mm in diameter, and high tenacity, ultra-fine PEEK multifilaments with dtex count ranging from 128 dtex to 1230 dtex.

peek monofilament

Industries and applications

Filter mesh

PEEK filter mesh is widely used in fuel filters for airplane and automobiles and the field of chemical pharmaceutical production to help powder slurry dehydration or filter hot melt adhesives and the medical field, in dialysis, diagnostic devices or chromatographic instruments, the purity can be guaranteed.

Braided Sleeving

The PEEK braided sleeving expands to fit over connectors and splices, and provides a full coverage over wires hoses and cable bundles. It protects electric cables against abrasive damage in advanced engineering applications.

CF/PEEK Composite

PEEK unidirectional braided CF/PEEK composite material can be used in aviation, aerospace, medical, sports and other fields.

conveyor belt

By interweaving PEEK monofilaments in the fabric, it can be made into a special conveyor belt for drying or heat treatment of products continuously conveyed on its surface. Applications for PEEK conveyor belts include nonwovens manufacturing, textile drying, food processing and powder conveying.

Characteristics of PEEK Monofilament

High temperature resistance and steam resistance | Chemical resistance | Radiation resistance | High-resistance combustion | Wear resistance | Creep resistance, good toughness